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Know your business needs to be online but feel it's a guessing game as you go?

When you ask people these days about how they find businesses to take care of their everyday needs, they all say, "I just Google it". Hey, I can't remember the last time I didn't just Google a service close to me, or search for product ratings or even book a travel vacation.

There are a lot of factors when it comes to being found and getting new customers when using the internet. It can be intimidating and hard to determine what to do next and even how to do it. Without the right knowledge and a full understanding of how your audience is actually finding your product or service, you can be left feeling like you're beating your head against a wall. Like anything, you're getting hired because you do the best job or have the best service possible for your offering. That is why to fully leverage all the internet has to offer you, you need to hire the professionals as well.

Refresh Marketing is a new player in the Marketing Agency world, but not its team. Over the last 20 years working in this industry our owner & founder has been involved with developing successful strategies and processes, proving them out for some of the biggest brands in Canada.

We've created contests for BestBuy. Developed booking systems and various travel related online initiative for companies like Travel Alberta, Tourism Saskatchewan, WestJet, and Adventure Center. Created fully integrated campaigns for lead building with a B2B focus. Came up with some of the most successful year long campaigns that were fully integrated initiatives stemming from Direct Mail, Ad campaigns, Email Marketing, Trade shows executions, Contests, and Customer Retention programs for such companies as HBC. Created an Ordering and Fulfillment system to better service Canadian Tires Business Customers. Built Custom Loyalty Programs and communication systems for mid sized hotel chains such as Canalta Hotels. Even helped increase ranking and generate new customers for Napa Autopro to various insurance companies like Sharp & Rogers Insurance. Helped re-brand and market products for vegetable producers, while creating 360 degree systems to capture leads, better service those leads and promote products for AOR Nutritional Supplements. We've worked with almost every kind of industry out there.

We love a challenge and look forward to seeing just what we can do to positively impact your business. Unleash our talent and enjoy the results.

A Few Companies We Have Worked With

Sneak a Peak at the Services We Offer

The main pillars or departments - you might call them - of our agency are Marketing Strategy & Planning, Creative Services, and Development Services. The expertise we have in these pillars allow us to provide a full range of Marketing Services, not just on the digital side. Below we have highlighted a few of the tactics that we execute on as our specialties, but there is more we can do for you. This just gives you an idea of the possibilities.

Brand Creation

It all starts with a good brand. Once you develop a strong identity marketing becomes easier. Knock their socks off. Let us help you create a brand identity people will remember.

Communication Strategy

Can't very well attract new customers without knowing what to say to them. Your communication strategy is really at the heart of everything you do and needs to be consist across the board. We all know how tricky creating the right content is.

Website Development

Digital marketing begins with a website. Can't market effectively online without one. But in order to make it a lead generating giant there is more to a creating a website then making it beautiful.

Lead Generation Tactics

With a site in place and optimized for SEO, it's time to reach out to prospects where it makes sense. Contesting, Ad Campaigns both online and offline, and review gathering, packaged with proper tracking, are just of a few tools used to help generate leads.

SEO Strategy

Not much point having an amazing website with the best products or services out there if people aren't finding you. A solid SEO strategy starts in the planning phase of the website. But goes far beyond.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

It's much easier to keep existing customers then replacing them with new ones. You got it, leverage digital marketing tools like email marketing to achieve this. Toss in direct mail & an amazing loyalty program and you got it made.

One Stop Full Service Marketing Shop

It's about matching the right tool with a well thought out strategy. We specialize on all aspects of Digital Marketing. Then we bring it full circle with each tool working together.

We also understand when and where to use traditional marketing methods effectively. We understand the power of building a strong brand and truly nothing works without the proper communication strategy. That's why we offer it all. Having the full understanding of how all the pieces of the web fit together and know how to put it together into a user experience that keeps visitors, while converting them into leads is the name of the game. Really, let's be honest... it's all about generating cash in the end.

Coming to one place for all your brand development, communication strategy, web design & development to your email marketing and search engine optimization means you have a team that knows your business almost as well as you do and fully gets what all the pieces are trying to achieve. Consistency and developing your marketing strategy around a big picture plan down to its little parts is where the true magic happens.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Super impressed! Very creative and professional. They definitely know their stuff!
Douglas Brett
Owner COO
March 23, 2017
Christine @ Refresh Marketing and her team have been invaluable in launching my business with creation of top notch website and the marketing skills. She is open to incorporating our ideas into the ones she gives and working with other valuable business that will make Synastry Solutions a premier software solutions provider. We look forward to long lasting relationship that mutually benefits not only us but our clients as well.
Kenny Wong
Owner, COO  - Synastry Solutions
March 20, 2017
I have worked with Christine and different members of the Refresh Marketing Team for about 4 years now. It's crazy to see the things they have done for my business. In a poor economy, where other shops are shutting their doors, I'm actually growing my customer base. I've seen a steady 20% growth over the last year alone at least. Best part is in my slow season they've helped me with a customer outreach campaign that has now for 4 years in a row turned my bottom line from in the red to in the black. These guys are great! Christine is professional and knows what she is talking about. You won't go wrong working with them.
Carlos Reyes
February 16, 2017
Christine really knows her stuff!!! She has so much experience and knowledge in her field. She's fast, effective, and will get the job done right. I wouldn't trust anyone else and give refresh marketing 5 stars!!
Michelle Ellingson
Alberta Health Services
April 11, 2017

Get in Touch With Us

We love showing you what we can do and what we've done for other companies. Since everything is strategy based and tailored to your  business and it's unique needs - best thing to do is talk to us directly. We'll sit down with you, get as much detail possible to see where we can be the most help.

It's important for us to be able to make a difference in your business. We only take on clients we know we can make a positive impact and add value too. So tell us a little bit of what you're looking for and we'll give you an idea of where we can put our skills to work. Of course, there is no obligation and we understand you're busy as we are too. We'll tell you straight and honest what needs to happen to improve your business.

We often find that what our clients THINK they need isn't always what they REALLY need. We won't ever tell you what you want to hear, but what works. Truly in the end, it should make perfect sense and feel right for your business. Otherwise, it won't be a good fit.

Our goal is to develop partnerships with our clients and do our best to understand your business along with the way your audience interacts with it. Let's see if you like what you hear and if we both think our services could be a good fit.

No worries, we've received your request. We promise to be contact you shortly.