Compostable Bags Are Now Here In Canada to Replace All Retailer Plastic Bags

Refresh Marketing is through the roof excited to announce that we have partnered with an amazing company; OneEarth Packaging and together are bringing compostable packaging products - like T-shirt bags and produce bags - to Canada. Thanks to our partnership with OneEarth Packaging we can now offer this incredible product as a weapon against in the war on plastics; easily to retailers nationwide.

It doesn't matter if you are a big box store or a small neighbourhood shop, we can help you stock these bags and other products too. And the best part is it won't cost you an arm and a leg. It actually is rather cost effective, even cheaper than the paper options. (Which by the way leaves a huge footprint on the environment too, not to mention they just don't hold up to what they need to do) Imagine the positive impact that would happen if we were able to replace the Everest sized mountain of plastic bags that are used each year with something that helps the planet instead of harming it!

Our primary focus is to join the battle of the bag that is now hitting nations worldwide. And with curbside composting being introduced and successfully utilized in cities across Canada, there has never been a better time to make this vital change. The best is, retailers can help change the world and all they have to do is offer compostable bags in their stores. To add the cherry on top, consumers don't have to do anything special either. In fact, their lives become more convenient, again. They get to keep the ease of one use plastic bags without hurting the environment if they are just given the choice of compostable ones in their favourite stores. Gone are the days of; "Baaahhh... I have all these re-usable bags at home and I forgot them again!!! What a waste of money and I still have to use plastic bags."

Here in Calgary we have to buy can liners anyways, how cool would it be to just take that pile of bags under your sink and stick them in your little, handy dandy food collection bins and toss them into the compost instead. Say bye-bye to the big pile of useless plastic bags. And just to add sprinkles to that cherry on top, we have now eliminated the need to remember to buy another product to collect the food scraps. That is all it takes to make our world better. Of course, you can always keep buying those too. Hey, if you have a family the size of mine, you need all the food collection options you can get.

That exact scenario is actually what played out in my kitchen 8 months ago that spurred this whole Refreshing mission on.

My husband and I were in the kitchen making a gourmet breakfast one sunny Sunday morning, (cause that's how we role). And I had forgotten to buy can liners for my handy dandy bin. I was grumbling about the huge pile of veggie clippings, egg shells and scraps sitting on my counter after feeding my big brood of boys. Yes, I have a brood so we have a lot of food prep and scraps in our house. Anyways, I was digging around, dumping those useless bags all over my kitchen trying to find an alternative, all the while complaining about what I was going to put all that "stuff" in. That is when my husband said, "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we could use those bags on the floor for those little bins?" I stood up and said that "That is an amazing idea!!!". And the fire under my tush was lit. You all can thank my hubby for this.

The digging and the researching began, and that is how I found OneEarth. The best part about this story is the owner of OneEarth Packaging is even more crazy passionate about getting these products out there then I am and has been working at it for 10 years. When I told him of the programs that have been launched in Canada to get its residents composting, everything else clicked.

People, there has never been a time for us to collectively make such a positive impact as this to the environment so quickly and so easily. It's seriously the biggest no brainer of our time.

Did you know that Canadians ALONE toss BILLIONS of bags EACH YEAR into landfills? What do you honestly think happens to that plastic? If you have been on social media at all (and if you haven't, I'm not sure where you have been and if you even use plastics at all), you have an idea of the horrible effect these plastics are having on our Eco-systems all the way to our oceans. This is insanity. Which is why there has been such a buzz about what to do about this problem.

I love oceans, I really love my beach vacations on those oceans. I really don't love seeing the mountains of plastic garbage collected on MY beach, I'M vacationing on or for that matter, swimming beside me, all the while I'm thinking is a jellyfish. It's a total zen killer. I kind of love health too. If you don't think these things are affecting us personally, you need to take the blinders off.

I have never in my life as a Marketer or Business Owner been so excited about launching a product or promoting something in my life as these bags. Having these bags available now in Canada will only do great things. They are 100% certified to go into composting programs around the world. The only thing that is left is to get them into stores. And the way we get them into stores is to let everyone know this is an option available to you and start asking for these products. Hey, if England can do it, and Sweden can nearly eliminate their waste, we can too.

It's a true!?! The environment wins, retailers win by offering convenience back to their customers and consumers win because they are changing the world and all they have to do is toss the bags in their green bins.

Changing the world has never been easier. I challenge you all to take a stand and start asking for these bags. Heck, just go to and you can get them for your own business and make the change yourself.

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