You know you need to be online, where do you start?

Throughout the site, we have talked about everything we do and our approach. But in the end, it really comes down to what you need and what will work for you and your business. I'm sure you're asking yourself' "I heard these things before, but what really does this do for my business. I know I need to invest but how do I know I'm getting the things I need?"

Some of our Main Marketing Services

Brand Creation

It all starts with a good brand. Once you develop a strong identity marketing becomes easier. Knock their socks off. Let us help you create a brand identity people will remember.

Communication Strategy

Can't very well attract new customers without knowing what to say to them. Your communication strategy is really at the heart of everything you do and needs to be consist across the board. We all know how tricky creating the right content is.

Website Development

Digital Marketing begins with a website. Can't Market effectively online without one. But in order to make it a lead generating giant there is more to a creating a website then making it beautiful.

Lead Generation Tactics

With a site in place and optimized for SEO, it's time to reach out to prospects where it makes sense. Contesting, Ad Campaigns both online and offline, and review gather, packaged with proper tracking, are just of a few tools used to help generate leads.

SEO Strategy

Not much point having an amazing website with the best products or services out there if people aren't finding you. A solid SEO strategy starts in the planning phase of the website. But goes far beyond.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

It's much easier to keep existing customers then replacing them with new ones. You got it, leverage digital marketing tools like Email Marketing to achieve this. Toss in direct mail & an amazing loyalty program and you got it made.

Where do you see yourself?

"I'm a small business and trying to do it all. I know I need to be doing a better job of my online presence, but don't have the time or the knowledge. I'm worried about budget, but it's getting to the point where word-of-mouth isn't enough."

Let me guess, people have been telling you things like, "get a website", "you should be on Facebook", "write a blog and they will find you", "you really need to be doing a better job keeping in touch with your existing customers. " All very overwhelming when you're trying to do all these things yourself and don't have a clue on where to start or if you are on the right track.

You need to be working with a group that has logical answers and suggestions for you. I'm not going to say that you can hand it off to us or a company like us and just get what you want. No, you have to make a time investment as well. But at least now you have a knowledgeable team working with you, guiding you, posing questions and looking at things through your audiences eyes.

You need to feel comfortable and confident that who you work with truly has your best interest in mind. That is why we track everything we can. Means you don't have to take our word for it and we want to be measured.

"I'm not new to the marketing game. I've worked with Agencies before, and feel I keep getting bits and pieces of what I need. I don't have the time to vet what I'm being told, and I'm not happy with the results I'm getting. I get contacted all the time by other companies saying.. "Let us take care of this little itty bitty portion of your marketing needs."

So you have worked with someone before and not happy with where you are. Plus, you don't have the time to manage multiple vendors to take care of all your marketing needs. Not mention trying to communicated effectively with all of them and maintaining that unified presence. We see this all the time. What really comes down to for us is results. First the approach should feel good and make total sense to you. That doesn't mean you need to know exactly how your site is being developed. But the strategy should make total sense and follow suite to what you have learned about your customers.

You should also know what is happening all the time. Feel like it's as much your idea as the vendor you are working with. It needs to be collaborative and you should be excited at what you're seeing and how things are evolving. If you can't be passionate about what is being done then how are your prospects going to feel.

There are 2 kinds of groups that come to us for help.

FIRST group is completely new to the marketing game. They've poked and dabbled their toes in a few places here and there, but really haven't taken the full plunge. They're feeling the strain of trying to grow a business without know exactly how.

SECOND group has already determined they can't do it alone, have worked with another agency and are not happy with the results.

A logical plan and big picture always needs to be at the heart of all tactics executed. We always tell our clients that you wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, same goes for your marketing. It's complicated with lots of moving parts which will become difficult to manage if it's done right.

We are sure you've been told that no one company can take care of everything related to marketing for you. You need a brand specialist, a team to solely work on designs and build your website. Oh you can't expect your developer to know about SEO so you have to hire a special SEO team. And yes, you know content is important right? You need to find good copywriters that will build your content. What about running ads, and email marketing strategies, direct response marketing tactics - Hugh (isn't that the same as digital marketing). No one can do everything, but that is why we put the right people in place. We bring in the specialists and offer their services under one strategy that all works together.

Check out some of the services we offer. Just remember, we have 3 pillars that cross all these services; Strategic Planning, Creative Services, Development Services. That is why we're not limited to just offering what is listed here.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Christine really knows her stuff!!! She has so much experience and knowledge in her field. She's fast, effective, and will get the job done right. I wouldn't trust anyone else and give refresh marketing 5 stars!!
Michelle Ellingson
Alberta Health Services
April 11, 2017
I have worked with Christine and different members of the Refresh Marketing Team for about 4 years now. It's crazy to see the things they have done for my business. In a poor economy, where other shops are shutting their doors, I'm actually growing my customer base. I've seen a steady 20% growth over the last year alone at least. Best part is in my slow season they've helped me with a customer outreach campaign that has now for 4 years in a row turned my bottom line from in the red to in the black. These guys are great! Christine is professional and knows what she is talking about. You won't go wrong working with them.
Carlos Reyes
February 16, 2017
Super impressed! Very creative and professional. They definitely know their stuff!
Douglas Brett
Owner COO
March 23, 2017
Christine @ Refresh Marketing and her team have been invaluable in launching my business with creation of top notch website and the marketing skills. She is open to incorporating our ideas into the ones she gives and working with other valuable business that will make Synastry Solutions a premier software solutions provider. We look forward to long lasting relationship that mutually benefits not only us but our clients as well.
Kenny Wong
Owner, COO  - Synastry Solutions
March 20, 2017

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