Getting New Customers is What Lead Generation Is All About.

I've got my site, I've been around for a while, how do I get new leads?


Most businesses are overwhelmed at what it takes to actually get customers in the door. It sometimes feels like you're shooting in the dark with different lead generation tactics you try, especially when it comes to traditional methods. That ability to track results and see if your efforts really work seems impossible.

First off, let's answer some of the most common questions asked.

What is lead generation?

Simply put, lead generation is how you find new people to talk to about your business offering and get a chance to convert them to customers. Leads are not customers. But without leads you can't build your customer base. Leads are those individuals looking for the service or product you offer. They're often in the research stage of the decision making process. They know they have a problem to solve with a product or service and are looking into their options.

We like to categorize the different stages or types of leads.

We break them down like this:

  • Soft leads; leads that are not extremely motivated or close to making a decision. These leads are still figuring out exactly what they need, they know they have a problem to solve but may not know exactly what they are looking for. They're toe dippers, feeling things out and learning more about what is out there.
  • Hard leads; leads that are really close to making a decision and need to do it in a short amount of time. They have a pretty good idea of what they want and need so they are just trying to find the best fit.
  • Then there qualified leads; these guys know what they want and have been recommended by someone, or have searched you out specifically as they have heard from word of mouth or some form or another that you're the best.

The strategies and solutions we put in place for each of these categories vary. We may use similar techniques and technologies, like ads, your website, email, SEO strategies, facebook, LinkedIn or other social media networks, Direct Mail, Refer a Friend tools or offer based promotions and contest. But we generally don't use all of them at once. We set them up as tactics for different purposes and campaigns.

The biggest thing that changes between each lead type is how we communicate to them. We're going to talk to a soft lead differently than a qualified lead. We identify these leads based on the channels they have come in through.  So it's important to set up all the different channels each lead type can find you & you can capture them from.


That's why this is part of our overall marketing strategy. It gets fine tuned as we go and broken down into lead generation specific tactics or campaigns. But the most important thing we do is implement a mechanism or system in which the leads generated can be tracked.

Tracking is the most important part of what we do. If there isn't a way to track how each marketing tactic we implement is performing, we might as well be back to shooting in the dark. That's the only way we can see what's working and tweak or adjust what isn't.

This is why it's also important from your side to work with a company you trust and can develop a long standing relationship with. The longer you work with the right firm the better your results will get. It's because the right agency will learn as you learn, and will get better and better at executing successful campaigns.

Quick case study  example. We've been working with Napa Heritage Autopro for 4 years. We're now at the point where we're seeing up to 30% growth in our news customers each month. These are converted customers - people that have bought services from the shop. That means our lead generation - or leads coming in -  is even greater yet, as it's higher on the sales funnel. We've helped Heritage Autopro generate an average of  65% more new leads each month than they were getting before. This is dramatic growth for a service type business and we've seen this growth during some of the most difficult economic landscape that Calgary seen in years.

This company is proof of the importance of a solid strategy, using the right tactics and taking the time to truly learn what works within your respected market.

Some effective lead generation tactics to consider are:

  • AdWords Campaigns
  • Offer Based Search Engine Marketing Promotions
  • Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing
  • Blog and Content Syndication
  • Contesting
  • Review Gathering
  • Incentive Based Referral Programs
  • More Traditional Methods such as Magazine Ads, Radio, Newspaper, Flyer or Mail Outs, Signage - Billboards, Transit Signs Etc..



What Our Clients Are Saying

Super impressed! Very creative and professional. They definitely know their stuff!
Douglas Brett
Owner COO
March 23, 2017
Christine really knows her stuff!!! She has so much experience and knowledge in her field. She's fast, effective, and will get the job done right. I wouldn't trust anyone else and give refresh marketing 5 stars!!
Michelle Ellingson
Alberta Health Services
April 11, 2017
I have worked with Christine and different members of the Refresh Marketing Team for about 4 years now. It's crazy to see the things they have done for my business. In a poor economy, where other shops are shutting their doors, I'm actually growing my customer base. I've seen a steady 20% growth over the last year alone at least. Best part is in my slow season they've helped me with a customer outreach campaign that has now for 4 years in a row turned my bottom line from in the red to in the black. These guys are great! Christine is professional and knows what she is talking about. You won't go wrong working with them.
Carlos Reyes
February 16, 2017
Christine @ Refresh Marketing and her team have been invaluable in launching my business with creation of top notch website and the marketing skills. She is open to incorporating our ideas into the ones she gives and working with other valuable business that will make Synastry Solutions a premier software solutions provider. We look forward to long lasting relationship that mutually benefits not only us but our clients as well.
Kenny Wong
Owner, COO  - Synastry Solutions
March 20, 2017

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What is the point getting leads if you aren't tracking & working them? We have a tool for that too.

Refresh Marketing offers a world class lead capture and automation tool that puts our money where our mouth is. It tracks the activity of your site and campaigns, captures the lead and takes you and that lead through your custom sales process with some very powerful automation tools to convert to a sale. Build campaign specific landing pages, email campaigns, follow up processes, manage your schedules and tasks all while knowing exactly where each prospect is at in the sales funnel. You will also have the power to see what your projected sales will be and how close you are to closing each opportunity. Not to mention the ability to track the performance of not only your campaigns but your sales teams as well. From there it will even work as your CRM to help you manage your customers.

It's time to get personal and come out of the dark ages. If you are willing to invest in marketing to generate your leads, than it's only good business to actually make sure you are managing those leads and doing something with them.

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