If You're Going to Market Yourself Online You Need a Website

Can't I just buy a template for peanuts and have it fulfill all my dreams?


Kind of obvious, wouldn't you say? Websites are no different then anything else, you get what you pay for. The only difference is with a website, if it's done with the right strategy and programmed properly it should make you money and add value to your business.

But not just any template will work, or any website designer will give you the results you're looking for. There is a huge difference between skill, knowledge and understanding of how to make your site reach your objectives among the different vendors that offer this service.

You see, there are so many  kinds of talent that put sites together these days, that your end result will dramatically vary. Again, it all comes down to strategy. Oh ya, and you want to please the "Google Gods" as we like to call it. But that's all in the strategy as well.

Your website needs to be all about providing an amazing user experience. The easier to find the information site visitors are looking for the easier they are to keep around. Funny how that works. Yes, it needs to be beautifully designed, but above all else, it must function with a purpose. Every page when the site is complete should look like it was designed with a purpose, even if it's built on a template.

There is a million different ways to put a site together and what seems like an endless array of possibilities of what can be done. But use the right tool for the job you're trying to accomplish. That is a much trickier endeavor then it would seem. Just because you have a cool new hammer doesn't mean you start hitting everything in your house with it.

So a couple key things you should consider and is part of OUR process - in much greater detail of course. But again, everything needs to be part of your BIG plan or strategy and it all needs to work together. Your website is the heart of all that.



  • We help you identify who your true audience is, and where can that expand too.
  • How would they be looking for your service/ product and how are they finding your competition.
  • What's your competition doing and have they done a good job of it?
  • Designing the interface is light years away from the first step. We'll develop a whole discovery planning phase that will take all the guess work out of what you want, challenge assumptions and get to the heart of what really matters.
  • Make sure the proper documentation is in place so as the site roles through each phase, nothing is lost, all requirements and the integrity of the strategy is executed properly.
  • As mentioned, design with purpose. Site structure is crucial to the end result and how you will be found by different traffic sources.
  • Research, research, and do more research. Then put that research along with your brand needs all into an amazing communication strategy.
  • Build engaging, interesting, share worthy content... easy right?
  • Make sure all bells and whistles added from a functional stand point don't hurt the heart of your strategy. Use the tools out there properly and don't be afraid to have fun and be creative. It's getting harder and harder to compete. Just because you've never seen it, or done it before, don't be afraid to give it a try.
  • The website needs to meet your objectives. If it doesn't right after launch make sure is flexible enough that it can be tweaked till it does meet your goals.
  • Track EVERYTHING!!!!!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Christine @ Refresh Marketing and her team have been invaluable in launching my business with creation of top notch website and the marketing skills. She is open to incorporating our ideas into the ones she gives and working with other valuable business that will make Synastry Solutions a premier software solutions provider. We look forward to long lasting relationship that mutually benefits not only us but our clients as well.
Kenny Wong
Owner, COO  - Synastry Solutions
March 20, 2017
I have worked with Christine and different members of the Refresh Marketing Team for about 4 years now. It's crazy to see the things they have done for my business. In a poor economy, where other shops are shutting their doors, I'm actually growing my customer base. I've seen a steady 20% growth over the last year alone at least. Best part is in my slow season they've helped me with a customer outreach campaign that has now for 4 years in a row turned my bottom line from in the red to in the black. These guys are great! Christine is professional and knows what she is talking about. You won't go wrong working with them.
Carlos Reyes
February 16, 2017
Christine really knows her stuff!!! She has so much experience and knowledge in her field. She's fast, effective, and will get the job done right. I wouldn't trust anyone else and give refresh marketing 5 stars!!
Michelle Ellingson
Alberta Health Services
April 11, 2017
Super impressed! Very creative and professional. They definitely know their stuff!
Douglas Brett
Owner COO
March 23, 2017