Especially if you have never worked with an Agency before, you may have some very common questions that can be easily answered. But the biggest thing we can stress is every client is different and what we do at Refresh Marketing is tailor a program directly for you and your business needs. There is no "out of the box, canned" programs. We do what will give you the best results for your budget.

Why pay the extra money to work with an Agency vs the guy that works in his basement down the street?

The number one advantage is you are not just getting one person that may be good for one thing. Even though we specialize in digital Marketing, we offer full marketing services right down to the all the traditional methods that still work. The reason we can do that is because we have a full team of professionals that are great at each niche area. So as we get to know you and your business, our whole team becomes more efficient and the results just get better and better. No more miss- communication between multiple vendors to get everything taken care of.

I just need a website, can you just give me that?

Yes, we can take care of everything you need or just the things that are most important for you. If you want a website, which is the heart of all digital marketing, we can put that together for you. Depending on your budget will determine the approach. But we always make sure the right strategy is in place. No point having a site that doesn't get you leads.

I am not in Calgary, do we have to be in the same city to make it work?

Of course not! We have worked with companies all over the country and know just how to effectively make things happen, even without having to have face-to-face meetings every week. In fact, we find our out of town clients often run even smoother then the ones we can go in and see. So don't worry, get in touch with us, we can definitely work with you where ever you are at.

Do you guys do email marketing?

We sure do. We actually have about 15 years experience doing email marketing, building custom templates and managing lists. We know the value of it, and fully recommend a good thought out plan to go along with all your marketing needs. It doesn't have to be monthly, but we will help you determine what will be the most effective way to keep in touch with your subscribers/customers.

Do you guys build mobile apps?

We definitely can, have in the past and will if it makes sense for business. But we look at first is what you really want achieve. With the change in technology and how well responsive sites work, we often find it's better to put your effort into your site and make it marvelous for mobile. Sometimes expecting your audience to take that extra step and download an app can be disappointing. It just depends on what you want to do and if there is a demand. But there definitely is a place for it and we can help you get it out there for iPhone and Android.



Next Steps..

Contact UsIf you like where we have come from and a little bit of what we are about, then give us a call, send us a request, ask as many questions as you need, and see where we can help. You have nothing to lose, but maybe you will get some good ideas and clearer direction that is right for you. We would love to get you on the right track.