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With over 20 years of experience, as you can imagine there isn't a shortest of projects we've worked. Over the years we have worked with so many different teams and have at time taken on very specific roles in the projects or manage campaigns from every angle.

We love anything to do with marketing, but have a special flare for digital marketing. We understand a picture is worth a thousand words and don't want to give you novels to read about each project. So remember as you're reviewing our work; whether that be for website design development, branding, traditional methods down to the simplest business card and all our lead generation and customer retention programs, everything has been created from a detailed, thought-out strategy. Nothing has been done without defining the purpose, setting objectives and tracking result.


Canalta Hotels / Website Design & Application Development / Communication Strategy

Canalta Connect Internal Communication Application

After working with Canalta Hotels on all their marketing needs, it became apparent that we needed to solve a very difficult communication issue that was identified throughout their various properties. Canalta Hotels has properties all over Alberta and Sasaktchewan that included all levels of management and employees. As we were launching new programs and promotions we found it next to impossible to keep all necessary staff parties involved.

Now think of it, we were doing complete integrated campaigns and promoting contests and the rewards program in every aspect of these hotels. So ALL staff needed to be informed from the highest management level to the lowliest housekeeper. And we were also taking care of property specific promotions for each hotel, so managing all the requests and initiatives was challenging.

We were not the only ones with frustration in this area. So we worked very closely with Canalta and all necessary levels of management to develop a robust internal communication system.

This system included a messaging system, promotional management section, event calendar, reporting, training modules, a file management system and also was integrated to the Rewards program so each property could have access to the information it needed. It also included a notification system that notified all the right people at the right times. In addition the permission model was staggering as there had to be different role access at each level. The system also worked from head quarters view of seeing all properties to each hotel only seeing what they needed too. It was truly a marvelous custom development application. Not to mention the interface was beautiful and easy to navigate. Which was a huge accomplishment considering the complexity of the application.

Canalta Hotels / Website Design & Application Development / Communication Strategy / Lead Generation / Customer Retention / Creative Services

Loyalty Program Rewards Site/ Member Portal / Admin Console

This one was our baby. From conception, we worked through all details of creating this successful rewards-based loyalty program for a midsize hotel chain. This website was just one aspect of this incredible program. We worked closely with the client to put this custom program together tailored around their customers and exactly what would interest them. We worked with managers from all locations and every level of Canalta's stakes-holders.

Canalta Hotels signature service was to offer fresh popcorn in their hotels. Honestly, who doesn't LOVE popcorn? That became the driving force of our creative around the program. And we made sure to have fun with all of it, down to each headline.

We completely all the strategy planning and defined the functional and business requirements that made the program. We developed a communication strategy that leveraged the best of all media types especially email marketing and the site. We created a beautiful brand around it and all the creative throughout every initiative that was executed over the years. In addition to developing the site application, we also took care of all the new member sign ups and customer support for the program. This is where we truly learned just how powerful a tool loyalty programs are when keeping happy customers.

RedHat Co-op / Contest Website Design & Application Development / Communication Strategy / Lead Generation / Customer Retention / Creative Services

Fully Integrated Contest / Website Design & Development

In addition to updating all of RedHat's branding, completing all the marketing strategy, design & development of their main website as well as redoing all their in-store packaging, meanwhile improving their internal communications with a regular internal newsletter to all their growers; we created this amazing contest. This contest started as an initiative to introduce RedHat's growers to their consumers and tap into the trend of people wanting to truly know where their food comes from.

The contest quickly expanded to be a fantastic fully integrated campaign that started in stores - right on the packaging - with different collectible grower cards that would earn you entries to win an amazing beach vacation. "How does a beach vacation have anything to do with vegetables", you ask? Well, that's how "Veg on the Beach" was born. It's incredible how an amazing creative team can cleverly connect all the dots to a fun tight campaign no matter the stretch.

This contest not only had full retailer cooperation but extensive functionality that tracked contest entrants, what growers cards they collected and let them come back to collect more; increasing their chances to win. It also had a forward to a friend component to extend the reach of the contest. Which of course, allowed entrants to earn even more entries opening it to more qualified leads. Not just your typical ballot entry contest

The goal was to get people mindful of RedHat's brand and product when sitting in a grocery store beside their competitors. Most people don't even realize that there is a difference between one tomato and another.

AOR Vitamin Supplements / Website Design & Application Development / Communication Strategy

Website Design, Customer / Admin Console

Another amazing project. We spent literally 5 months planning one of the most complicated and intense systems we have ever undertaken. Then went on to encompass it all in a spectacular interface design, with all the best SEO and digital marketing practices put in place.

This custom development project when completed managed content for 3 different sites all at once. A Canadian English and French version of the site as well as a US site. As this company distributed their projects to retails all over Canada and the US we had to make sure regulatory standards were in place from a communication standpoint. Also, since this company actually manufactures their products here in Calgary, we were given the ability to connect all sides of the business together in one bohemian admin console.

The business rules around their B2B customer accounts and how to become a retailer were extremely extensive which created a staggering amount of functionality requirements. Right down to the permission and user roles and who was able to access what. Their massive product offering also had to be limited to who could see what when, as they had multiple lines of products dependent on the type of customer the account was created for.

An incredibly challenging project, but what was accomplished with their limited budget was truly remarkable. Again, loved working with this client. Nothing but a pure growing experience.

Birkby Foods / Website Design & Application Development / Communication Strategy

Website Design and Mobile Application

Birkby Food Service is a distribution company for some of the biggest food brands we know of. They identified an issue they had tracking and delivering orders throughout their many routes and delivery drivers each day. We came in to help them develop an application that could be easily installed on an iPad so drivers, dispatchers and customers alike could manage orders and delivery more effectively.

The app was first used to manage Coke product orders and quickly was embraced by all of Birkby's clients. We helped create the user experience and design as well as completed the architecture for the interface starting with the mobile app.

We went on to plan the user interface and experience for the front end website, customer portal (where orders are placed and managed by the customer) and the admin portal (where Birkby's team fulfills and audits all deliveries). All data from actions and functionality performed on this online application was synchronized with the mobile application so the warehouse team, dispatchers, customer services reps and of course drivers had all the information required to complete the daily tasks. We helped establish all functionality requirements as well as created a spectacular venue to present cross-sell opportunities while promoting featured products. The site was planned to be full SEO optimized while exceeding functionality requirements. We helped open the client's eyes on just how big the possibilities were that could be achieved with this fully integrated app. We were able to make their wishes come true.

InspectaCAR / Brand Creation / Website Design & Application Development / Lead Generation

Complete Brand, Website and Marketing Strategy

This was one of those unique opportunities where we got the chance to help develop every side for a new start-up company. When the owners of InspectaCAR approached us, all they had was a business idea in mind. From there, it blossomed to us helping them work out the whole brand creation, right down to coming up with a name and look. We worked closely with them to develop their internal processes on how they were going to work with customers and provide their service.

We went on from there to complete all the strategy planning around their site. This was a complicated endeavor as they had multiple target audiences and had a completely new business concept. So we had the opportunity to custom build them a whole admin console that basically was the heart of their whole business. We created an application for them to input and recall all the data from each inspection they performed for every customer and all necessary reporting, permissions and customer management.

We developed their communication strategy and created marketing material such as point- of-purchase signage and brochures so they go approach dealers with the service offering and educate the public. We also helped them with trade show signage and material to help build business/brand awareness and new leads.

This little company has gone on to win government new business grants, and even won a contract from the beloved Dragons on "Dragons Den". They have now grown to franchise their business throughout Canada. An amazing success story we are proud to be part of.branding, logo creation, creative concept and digital marketing, traditional marketing as well as website development

BestBuy / Web Based Game Application Development / Contesting / Lead Generation

Planetary Attack Online Contest

BestBuy is another one of those clients we worked with for years, on many different contest/online game development projects.  Over that time, we've built 7 different custom online games all around a custom contest engine for their internal customer loyalty program - Reward Zone. We built a Tetras style game, 2 different football - carnival style shoot 'em up games, an air hockey style game, Pac-Man, soccer based game(This one was cool as it involved a 3D model of a goalie that we mapped goal saving moves from a real live, professional athlete and applied it to the 3D model. This went along with the World Cup), and finally this last Space Invaders style game.

Each contest and game had custom artwork and was themed to run with a different promotion often associated with a big sporting event that was taking place at the time. The idea with these contest was to engage their Rewards Zone customers and build leads by providing an incentive for members to pass along to contest to their friends. Each game had a unique creative concept that flowed with their brand and messaging tightly around motivating their members to either buy more product or share with friends for chances to win.

It has been a great experience working with BestBuy on so many projects like this one, coming up with exciting unique creative around some of peoples' favorite game concepts.

These campaigns were also nationwide and involved a French and English version for every one launched. We developed the strategy around the mechanics of the contest engine, sharing components, functionality around the custom game development and how points were managed. The best part of each contest was refreshing the reporting screen to see all the entrants pour in. Definitely one of our favorite series of projects to be part of.

Canadian Tire / Website Design & Application Development / Customer Retention / Lead Generation

B2B Gift Card Ordering & Fulfillment System

This project was a prime example of how we ended up building an application solution in order for Canadian Tire to better serve their customers. Remember, customer retention starts will service and this tool brought Canadian Tire out of the dark ages when it came to how their business-to-business customers were being services.

This site had an end user front end, customer portal, and admin portal. All with strict permissions and security. Customers could login and place gift card orders with all the proper wholesale and discounting in place for their account type. Canadian Tire's fulfillment team was able to go in and see all orders, new and old, the status of the order while taking care of each step necessary to track wherein the fulfillment process the order was.

This site was a huge e-commerce website that had thousands of dollars worth of orders processed daily.

It was built on a custom platform and we were responsible for identifying Canadian Tire's needs, strategically planning and architecting the whole system, creating the interface design as well as doing the custom build and QA. From there, for years we managed the support of the system and helped them with ideas on how to up-sell to their customers. All of this was done within the strict brand guidelinesGift Card Ordering & Fulfillment System - Ecomerce

HBC / Website Design & Application Development / Customer Retention / Communication & Creative

One of Many Direct Mail Fully Integrated Campaign

We had the privilege of working with this client for over 5 years. And over those five years, we did many customer retention campaigns that leverage the best of traditional marketing and digital marketing. This hero campaign was one of my favorites as we got the chance to work with some very talented creative people. All the artwork is original and was beautifully transitioned from a stunning printed dimensional DM that hosted a branded USB drive, sending the customer to a personalized unique offer just for them, while telling a fun story to go along with the sales pitch.

The response rate on these DMs was staggering and consistent over the years. We saw response rates of up 50% and the dollar value in sales these campaigns generated often 100 times the ROI.

Over the 5 years, we worked with this client through email marketing strategies, website and SEO development (putting them in the top search results), Ad campaign development, trade-show promotions, and games. I have yet to see these kind of lead generating results from other trade-show. Was truly fantastic, knew that they need to allocated proper budgets to each initiative and the fun we had creatively and the results we tracked were testament to the value that was generated.Email marketiing, website development, Direct Mail, trade show strategies, contesting and games

WestJet / Lead Generation / Application Development

Get Away Guide

This crazy little web based app was developed to customize vacation packages for WestJet Vacations. Video Guided by a WestJet Employee, this little gold mine, got smarter as the user picked images of the kind of vacation that interested them. Each experience was customized and unique to the user as it evolved based on their choices. The app literally got smarter and presented options more relevant to the user. Meanwhile so did the video host. She would talk directly to what was being selected.

This project embraced the latest in dynamic video, customization and user experience technology. The best part was at the end, the user got a customized downloadable pdf brochure with vacation destination recommendations that best suited their choices from the app.

We went through extensive testing, ensuring that each brochure was unique to the user's selection and experience, and all the video that was loaded dynamically made sense to what was selected.

This project involved, extensive strategic planninginterface design, copywriting, custom programming. Our role in particular, was the strategy, project management, and QA. It was our mandate to create brand awareness about what WestJet Vacations offers, generating leads which would turn into a soft sell all through a unique cutting edge user experience. The WestJet team was amazing to work with.WestJet Vacations