How are we really different from all the other agencies out there?

There are 2 major difference between us and other agencies out there.

FIRST difference is no matter what we do it's all about strategy. EVERYTHING needs to revolve around a bigger plan and fit together seamlessly from Brand to Website to Adwords to the Article in that local magazine you love. Creative is important and there is nothing we love or have more fun executing on then a funky, edgey creative campaign. But with purpose, objectives and trackable success metrix there is really no point. Everything we do must fit into every level of our strategy and have a clear purpose.

SECOND difference is our full understanding of the digital world. That is why we provide ALL services. It also fits quite nicely into our first difference of strategy. You see, if we didn't understand all the pieces of the puzzle, then how will they fit together? I have worked with Agencies in the past that do a fantastic job of creating one aspect like a website, but then fall short on getting that site the traffic it needs. That is why we offer all digital services and beyond.

Refresh Marketing is here to solve the problem of companies having to employ or jump from shops that specialize in one thing to fill the holes from the previous organization they hired. Or work with multiple vendors to get the job done.

Our founder has worked in scenarios with multiple vendors attempting to work together. In these situations, the primary difficulty is communication and consistency. Something always gets lost Christine has seen time and time again frustrations build and in the end the client suffers.

If our primary goal is to hep you grow your business, it's far more effective to bring in the digital marketing talent from all areas under one umbrella. Guided by one strategist working directly with each client and bringing in each department and expert as needed. Communication is clear and consistency of strategy, brand, creative, and objectives are maintained.

Our Story in a Nutshell

So, Refresh Marketing is an infant in the Marketing world. But as mentioned our owner and founder has been around for that 20 years, working with about every industry there is and has had the privilege of learning and working with some of the biggest brands in North America.

Christine has worked in various different areas of the Digital world starting as a Graphic Designer with a natural talent for interface design. She found that designing with purpose and bringing in the latest technology and tools of the time set her apart and brought other agencies to her door looking for her help with specialty work.

Over the years Christine's career naturally evolved to full encompass the development world. And what seemed common sense to her, became forward and cutting edge thinking.

Christine has had the chance to learn from award winning creative directors and some of the smartest marketing strategist in the industry. With her strong common business sense, natural ability to asses and understand different audiences she has worked to put together a team of talent that turns some crazy ideas into money generating campaigns and tactics.

"It's been a fun ride of constantly working to solve problems with organizations while adding some creative flair. Nothing gets me more excited about this industry then seeing results a well thought out plan generates. But what I also really love is trying new things and testing out theories. I love turning what we assume to be true to solid track-able reality."



Refresh Marketing Founder

Christine Reyes

Founder & Business Owner

Been in the industry since 1997

With a pure love of travel, and having fun raising her 4 boys with her husband Carlos. Christine works hard to build long lasting partnerships with her clients.

"We need to be having fun doing what we do if we aren't what's the point. Where else can you get the chance to work with amazing people, be creative and build spectacular products? Love it!"

But there was always something missing. While working with companies big and small, it became more and more clear that the traditional sense of a marketing agency was no longer sustainable. There were clear holes even in those organizations that were doing the latest and greatest in digital marketing.

"I found myself frustrated when planning out complicated strategies on how user engagement was changing and how we just didn't have the tools to capture the traffic we once did."

Then it became clear. Companies began hiring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Specialist and Google was taking over the market. But companies that developed a perfect balance being automation and interacting with their customers honestly had it made.

That is when Refresh Marketing was born. A need to offer all the necessities to truly grow a business under one roof.

Where companies don't have to jump around from one to another or hire multiple vendors at once, was the only way to successfully fill the holes companies were feeling.

That is why Refresh Marketing does it all. Some will argue the old adage "Jack of all trades, master of non." Which can be true.

We're still the Digital Marketing Masters, as that is where user engagement trends have shifted. But for a company, isn't it far more cost effective and efficient to work with one group of talented people on everything marketing related? Having a consistent communication strategy and unified brand across everything you do? Not having to explain or re-explain your business objectives in the various details to multiple organizations hoping they get it? And trusting that you're hiring the experts in areas that are extremely complicated but a must have if you're going to maintain a foothold let alone grow your market share? It's common sense to use.


Our Team

Yup we keep saying it, we hire the best in talent for the job to be done. So we've put together a database of resources we bring on where it makes the most sense. Match the right tool for the job. In this case, the tool is the talent.

We would never shoe-horn a tactic into a type of technology. We don't do that either with the people we match to the projects they work on. So depending on your unique needs will determine who you will work on when.

When working with Refresh Marketing, you'll always have a strategic planner, which most likely will be Christine. But you'll also have a dedicated account manager, a team of creative talent, developers, copywriters - good copy transforms results - and all other essential industry specialists.

marketing strategy planning

Strategic Services

Discover planning at its finest. We analyze your business and your objectives. We bring your team together and work with you to unify your vision. We help you identify areas of improvement in all aspects of your business. May sound funny, but everything works hand in hand. Our goals is to build new leads, convert them to new customers, help you maintain them as long term customers and get them to tell their friend about you... starting that loop all over again.

Helping you put in tools that give you more information about your existing customers, allow us to be more strategic on how we go after NEW customers. And as we're sure you already know, keeping and growing your existing customers is a much easier job then building new ones.

That's why we take full advantage of digital marketing tactics, tradition marketing initiatives as well as develop tools to bring it all together.

User Experience Rich Creative

Creative Services

Once the planning has commenced, it's times to bring in the brilliant creative minds. Communication strategy and concept development, content creation, brand development which includes -  but is not limited to -  logo design and all manner of collateral pieces, application interface designs (yes, this includes website and beyond), Ad creative, signage, email template designs, packaging, and any other possible piece that needs creative refinement and execution.

Creative services are what bring the strategies to life with the flair that makes your audience remember you and want to jump on board as your customer. It's another key marketing aspect that as you can see, takes an army of talent to do it well. We supply that army.

Website Design and Application Development

Development Services

This service is what bring digital marketing to life. It's essential, you can not market online without the developers that cut it all up and code it to magically work.

The the development team is the one that pulls it all together. If the site doesn't work properly, isn't mobile friendly and easy to navigate while getting your audience to complete the task you need to take them to the next level of business engagement, then it doesn't work. Bugs, issues, not to mention poor user experience will all work against you.

Our team of talent not only can build beautiful functioning websites but applications of all sorts. We specialize in web based applications. Anything from website, mobile apps, e-commerce, CRM systems, booking engines, Admin consoles, you name it. If the need is there, we can build it.

Next Steps...

Contact UsIf you like where we have come from and a little bit of what we are about, then give us a call, send us a request, ask as many questions as you need, and see where we can help. You have nothing to lose, but maybe you will get some good ideas and clearer direction that is right for you. We would love to get you on the right track.